AutoCAD the computer-aided design software widely used by Autodesk accelerates and streamlines design for 2D and 3-D digital designs. You can also save your files in the cloud, meaning you are able to access them wherever and anytime.

It can be a hassle working with software or hardware that isn’t up to standards. This can be difficult to CAD designers.

Below are five tips to ensure that AutoCAD delivers the best possible drawing and design experience.

1. Use Hardware Acceleration

You can enable hardware acceleration to enhance the visuals and performance.

To enable hardware acceleration, you must use the command-line tool 3DCONFIG. Next switch the Hardware Acceleration button on by using the Effects Settings panel. Hardware acceleration will not be activated if there is no OpenGL-capable device.

2. Ease Your Computer Workload

If you’re trying to maximize the performance of your computer, you should consider the way Auto CAD software is affected by your computer workload.

3. Keep everything up-to-date

Make sure your software is up-to-date with the most recent hotfixes and service packs in order to ensure smooth performance. The most dangersome malware attacks flaws in software programs such as operating systems and web browsers. These large programs should be regularly scanned for security issues and stability. Software updates typically include patches that patch security holes, which is essential.

4. Clearing out unneeded data

Clean AutoCAD files are an alternative. Sometimes, an unreliable CAD file could cause slow performance for the program. You can make use of the PURGE command, or the AUDIT command, to reduce the size of your CAD file.

AutoCAD can be set to use more memory by closing unnecessary programs and keeping the background process count low. This can increase the speed of AutoCAD. It is recommended to eliminate any program that isn’t necessary for your computer to function. To boost the speed of your computer it is also possible to clean the disk space.

5. Prioritize Software

For improved performance, you autocad could assign AutoCAD the top priority within the task manager. This means that AutoCAD will be able to run ahead of programs that are less important by setting its priority higher.

Start the task manager by pressing CTRL+Alt+Del. Next, click on the Details tab and select the AutoCAD-related application. Right-click on AutoCAD.exe and choose Set Priority from its contextual menu. From the drop-down menu, choose Realtime as the highest priority. Keep in mind that the priority setting will return to active status if you close AutoCAD or restart your computer.